Equipping Your Home With Effective Backflow Prevention

All plumbing systems are designed to move water through the system in one direction. Water comes into the house in the main line, then moves through the house in one direction, with potable, clean water moving from the main to the various fixtures, hot water tanks, boilers, and other systems in the home.

What is Backflow?

Backflow occurs when there is a buildup of pressure down the system that forces the water to flow the wrong direction. Another factor that can cause backflow is when there is a drop in pressure in the main that allows the water to siphon backward through the pipes and even the fixtures.

Why Backflow Prevention Matters

The risk is contaminated water moving from fixtures back up the system. This allows the dirty water to combine with potable water, allowing soap, bacteria and other sources of contamination to potentially enter the home’s drinking water supply.

At Georgia Plumbers 24/7, we can install backflow prevention devices within the home. These are several important points in the home for these devices, and selecting the right device starts with our backflow testing to determine the ideal option for the system.

This can be done with new home construction as well as in existing homes. Our plumbing backflow prevention testing and device installation is always done to code and provides protection for your family’s potable water supply.

To learn more about the benefits of having these critical devices installed in your plumbing system, talk to the experts at Georgia Plumbers 24/7 today. We provide full plumbing services to the Greater Atlanta Area and the following counties: Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, De Kalb, Cherokee, Forsyth, and Hall.